Is Clinical Active Serum

The most popular product is iS CLINICAL®. Its fast-acting formula is designed for long-term results, which doctors call "outstanding" and "phenomenal".
ACTIVE SERUM™ gives a visible result after just a few days of use: superficial wrinkles are reduced, pores are cleansed, age spots are lightened and the relief is smoothed.

Apply the serum in the morning and/or evening, after washing, observing the dosage: 2-5 drops, avoiding the eye area. In practice, 2-3 drops are enough to distribute over the entire face: one drop on the forehead, and one or half on the cheeks and chin.

Apply directly from the dispenser to the face, not to the hand. Active Serum is an active product, it should not be mixed with other iS Clinical active products, but it can be used in combination with sunscreens and moisturizers, such as Hydra-Cool or Moisturizing Complex. Please do not apply any other products to your face before using the serum.

The products are active and it is not known how they will behave in combination with your favorite toner or lotion. Toners are used for additional skin cleansing, removing residues of cleansing products, pH equalization, and preparing the skin for further care. There is no toner in the iS CLINICAL line, as the Cleansing Complex cleansing gel copes with all of the above tasks and prepares the skin for the application of serums.

It has a neutral pH, does not dry the skin, and you do not need to use a toner after washing. After 5-7 days of using the serum, you may experience slight peeling of the skin. If it bothers you, we recommend reducing the dose or increasing the interval between uses.

When using whitening agents that inhibit the production of melanin, it is imperative to apply sunscreen on top during the day and avoid direct sunlight. It is advisable to store the product at a temperature of up to 26 C.

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