STYX Naturcosmetic Aroma Derm Cream

It is a body lifting corset, increasing skin elasticity and providing a powerful anti-cellulite effect. It has a general tonic and energizing effect. It has a strong thermal, warming effect, causing a powerful vascular "response" of the body. It activates blood circulation, microcirculation and oxygen metabolism, "breaks through" and cleanses problem areas of small vessels and capillary network, optimizes trophic processes in tissues, stimulates metabolic and receptor processes in cells, enhancing the lipolytic mission of adipocytes (fat cells).

Increases skin tone, turgor and elasticity by activating the culture of dermal fibroblasts. Eliminates the symptoms of "orange peel", providing the body with perfect contours, a toned, smooth appearance. Provides perfect body contours. Has a powerful anti-cellulite and lifting effect. Eliminates the symptoms of "orange peel". Activates microcirculation and oxygen metabolism.

Macadamia oil, jojoba, lemon juice, centella asiatica, algae, Dead Sea salt, whey, silver salts, essential oils of bitter orange, tangerine, lime, petitgrain.

Apply to problem areas in the morning and evening after a shower, avoiding contact with lymph nodes, décolleté and chest.
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