The launch of the HydraFacial® device marked the beginning of a new era in the beauty industry

Cosmetic procedures are enjoyable and guarantee an immediate noticeable result.

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Technology works for you
The patented Vortex-Fusion® technology puts HydraFacial® one step above other cosmetic procedures. It is based on the synergy of such three components as mechanical exfoliation, exposure to multifunctional serums and the stimulating effect of vacuum.
  • Facial cleansing
    "Hollywood Appreciated!" The 4-step cleansing with the application of multifunctional serums depending on the skin type has earned the recognition of Hollywood stars: Cameron Diaz, Paris Hilton, Beyoncé and many others.
  • Treatment of problem skin
    Ultra-effective treatment of skin problems that combines inflammation relief, pore cleansing, and serum treatment.
  • Treatment of pigmentation
    HydraFacial® pigmentation treatment is the latest technique that allows you to effectively get rid of pigmentation on the face and body in a comfortable and safe way.
  • Revolutionary rejuvenation
    Removing the upper stratum corneum stimulates cell division and the production of fibroblasts, which contribute to the formation of the skin's own collagen and elastin, leading to skin renewal. A pronounced effect is achieved due to the triple effect of microdermabrasion, active serums and vacuum.
  • Hydration
    An excellent alternative to hyaluronic acid injections that does not require invasive intervention and the associated risks of skin infection. The procedure is painless and suitable for any skin type, including thin and sensitive skin.
  • A man's solution
    Looking better at 50 than at 30 is quite possible for a man! You just need to provide your skin with proper and effective care! The most comfortable way to cleanse the skin without rehabilitation.
Just one HydraFacial® treatment visibly improves the appearance of the skin. A full course (4-6 treatments) gives even more impressive results. The effectiveness is confirmed clinically and by the feedback of millions of customers.
HydraFacial® is a unique technology, the effectiveness of which is recognized in the world of professional cosmetology and confirmed not only by millions of satisfied customers, but also by prestigious awards.
BEST EQUIPMENT 8-time winner (2011-2014 and 2016-2019) in the nomination "Best Device of the Year" according to the results of the annual LNE & SPA'S BEST competition, USA
NEWBEAUTY CHOICE AWARD 4-time winner in the nomination "Best Facial Treatment" (2015-2018)
PLATINUM SPA TREATMENT For revolutionary technology with immediate visible results. World Congress of Dermatologists of the USA, 2007
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Stars choose Hydrafacial
  • Hailey Bieber
    I really like HydraFacial among cosmetic procedures! The vacuum nozzle deeply cleanses the skin and evens out the complexion. And most importantly, the skin does not need rehabilitation!
  • Jennifer Lopez
    Singer and actress
    I love HydraFacial... it's really what makes my skin look so radiant.
  • Paris Hilton
    Singer and actress
    This is the top procedure for me
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