Restore your natural reserves, support biological processes and hormonal balance.

Be energetic and look great at any age thanks to advanced diagnostic methods and an individual approach!

therapy to restore youth and health


Laenec health droppers -
In 1954, Japanese scientists developed a unique technology for processing the placenta, resulting in a purified, stable and effective drug called Laennec. It has been tested for toxicity, pyrogenicity, sterility and viral safety, while retaining all low-molecular weight bioactive components and lacking hormones and stem cells. Careful adherence to the preparation technology complies with the GMP standard, and the degree of purification allows Laenek to be administered to the patient in various ways: intravenously, intramuscularly, and by pharmacupuncture.
is an innovative product that is manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards, and its safety has been proven by 60 years of experience in Japan, which is covered by insurance medicine there.
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Anti-Age therapy is a comprehensive approach to restoring and maintaining your body. Thanks to scientific research and the latest technologies, we focus on regulating biological processes, normalizing hormonal levels, and supporting immunity.
Advantages of Anti-Age therapy
World class
The use of advanced technologies and world-class methods.
Full restoration
Regeneration of the body, boosting immunity and restoring hormonal balance.
Personalized approach
Individually designed programs for each patient.
Expert team
Our salon employs a team of professionals in the field of Anti-Age medicine.
A multidimensional approach
Focusing on hormonal balance, genetics, stress, weight, and other important health factors.
Consultation with an anti-age therapist
Initial consultation with a
Repeated consultation with a
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